1. i’m at starbucks and those girls that said all that gruesome sex life shit are back…. wtf is my life.


  2. the main girl has a serious case of bitchlaugh…


  3. if anyone ever gets bored i made this overheard page for your entertainment.


  4. "i totally just chugged that vodka STRAIGHT. like, didn’t even taste it."

    probably because you’re so used to sucking dick.


  5. "i told him, like, you can be my drunk hookup. do anything you want to me"


  6. "But WHO CARES?!?! YOLO morGAN!!!!!"

    i. i can’t. i. i… i… what? huh… really?


  7. "and look at this picture! look how big his dick looks! FULLY CLOTHED! oh fuuuuuuck meeeee!"


  8. "andy always just does it fast and sticks his penis in there. *thumb up butt noise*"


  9. "have you done the ice thing? it supposably rocks your wooooorld. like, on me. yes."

    these girls obviously can’t speak the english language and also they definitely read Cosmo.


  10. "everyone’s rode the mason boat!"


  11. "oh man. my 9th grade year was crazy. ESPECIALLY church camp. sex. everywhere."


  12. "he was so HOT! * guttural moan* oh! *sex noise*"


  13. "i’d always slip and their would be a mishap! like it would get all over my back or on my floor or something!"


  14. "what just happened? are you finished? uggh!"


  15. "he was like, ‘you are stupid.’ so i was like, shut the fuck up you have blue balls get the fuck out you came in my hair."