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  4. heckacute:

    I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but those precious vinyl albums of yours are not vegan. Don’t you know that “vinyl” stands for “Veal Inside. None maY Live”? Vinyl manufacturing is the number one killer of small animals. 


  5. meadowkitten:

    *points to ur lap* is this seat taken

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  6. i cooked with garlic today and then took a nap and now my pillowcase smells like garlic. i want to sleep but i’m really hungry. guess i’m washing pillowcases tomorrow.

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  9. mobytwice:

    ya never even ask me to hang out.

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  11. i just need a trim and a shape and my hair will be lookin’ so good

  12. baseballcardvandals:

    The perfect food for when 1500 calories of beer just makes you hungrier.

    Own this BCV original.


  13. since i live with my mom people fail to understand why i do. i’m not here because i am mentally, emotionally, or physically unable to live on my own. it would honestly be better if i moved out. i’m just not financially able to do much of anything, and the fun that i do have keeps me moderately sane while i am living here. i didn’t want to choose this, it was just the only choice.

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