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  6. my mom has a westie denim shirt somewhere in her closet

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    You have the most succulent orbs. 


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    1. Harry Potter: Tell us about a scar on your body
    2. Hermione Granger: What is your favorite book, how many times have you read it, and why do you love it?
    3. Ron Weasley: Something you're afraid of?
    4. Luna Lovegood: One thing that makes you different from everyone else.
    5. Fred Weasley: Can you do any magic tricks? What is the best one you can do? If you can't do any, what's the best one you've seen?
    6. George Weasley: What is the best prank you've ever played on someone?
    7. Neville Longbottom: Tell us an embarrassing story.
    8. Narcissa Malfoy: Do you have a good relationship with your family? Who are you closest to?
    9. Voldemort: If you were to create a Horcrux(s), what would it be and why?
    10. Bellatrix Lestrange: Have you ever loved someone who could never love you back?
    11. Ginny Weasley: Have you ever been in love with an unexpected person?
    12. Hedwig: If you went to Hogwarts, what kind of pet would you bring? (ex: cat, owl, rat, frog)
    13. Draco Malfoy: Is it better to be feared or to be loved?
    14. Rubeus Hagrid: What is your favorite mystical creature?
    15. Dolores Umbridge: Make a list of rules that your family (or whoever you choose) would have to follow if you made the rules.
    16. Lucius Malfoy: What is your most prized possession?
    17. Molly Weasley: What is the proudest moment of your life?
    18. Dobby: Who are you most loyal to?
    19. Sirius Black: Have you ever been accused of doing something you didn't do?
    20. Argus Filch: What's the worst job you've ever had?
    21. Dudley Dursley: How many presents do you usually receive on your birthday?
    22. Peter Pettigrew: Are you a leader or a follower?
    23. Cedric Diggory: Have you ever had a near death experience?
    24. Albus Dumbledore: What is the greatest obstacle you have ever overcome in your life?
    25. Minerva McGonagall: What is your favorite spell?
    26. Severus Snape: Are you a trustworthy person?
    27. Remus Lupin: If you transform into any one animal or creature, which one would it be?
    28. Uncle Vernon: What is your favorite day of the week?
    29. Mad Eye Moody: Who is the bravest person you know?
    30. Arthur Weasley: What do you think is the best "muggle" invention?
    31. Professor Sprout: What is your favourite class that is offered at Hogwarts?
    32. Nymphadora Tonks: If you could change one thing about your appearance what would it be?
    33. Moaning Mertile: What is something that always makes you cry?
    34. James Potter: Would you risk your life to save someone you truly love?
    35. Lily Potter: What color eyes do you have?
    36. Professor Trelawney: Have you ever dreamt something was going to happen and then it happened?
    37. Mr. Ollivander: What would your wand look like?
    38. Lavender Brown: Who is the last person who texted and have you ever had a crush on them?
    39. Cho Chang: If you were on the Quidditch team, what position would you play?
    40. Aunt Petunia: What is your favorite flower?

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    *Bob Belcher voice* oh my god

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    hey, life is cool, my friends are nice, and people who wear all black make my heart beat fast

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    EVERYDAY THE SAME DREAM is an art game about alienation and refusal of labour. You are a faceless, unnamed man going about his business. The game has alternatives endings. Will you end up going to work and working in a little cubicle like every day, or will you take another route and do something different for once? 


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    My history of game design teacher had us play through this game for ten minutes one class, and then played it on the projector.

    At first no one seemed to really get it, it just seemed like a daily life simulator with catchy music (the music carries the game beautifully, don’t play it on mute if you can help it).

    Then some of the other students began murmuring and questioning the point of the game after a few play throughs.

    Yes, there are different ways to end the day, but the game has only one true ending, which is reached after ending the day every way possible.

    Don’t judge the game by the minimalist graphics and simple gameplay mechanics. Every Day the Same Dream is a brilliantly crafted and for some a highly therapeutic experience.

    Things you do one day can and often will affect the following days, (your wife leaves you, the homeless man vanishes, you lose your job, etc.) Until you’re left with only one final option, which I won’t spoil.

    To paraphrase my professor, this game makes you look for a deeper meaning, not just in the game but also in yourself. It takes you to a place within yourself you need to be to understand yourself and how you interact with the real world.
    Play it all the way through and see for yourself.

    I think everyone needs to hear this

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    once you start getting really into local/diy music you forget that some of the ‘bigger bands’ in the scene (the ones u look up to) aren’t really big bands outside of the scene and still only play DIY venues and most people don’t know who they are and it’s crazy to think about but also so dang cool to think about, i don’t know, 5,000 likes on facebook is huge for a DIY band and pretty much means they’re up there but then there are bands like Vampire Weekend that you can say out loud and the girl who sat next to you in your highschool math class will start singing one of their songs

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    Pattern #022 Yoko Honda 2014

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