1. untexting:

    do you wanna have sex?

    a) please

    b) now

    c) a + b

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  2. i was the front car in a 3 car pile-up today. thanks to my trailer hitch, my car is unscathed. but both cars of tweakers behind me were completely screwed. and they didn’t have insurance and didn’t want the cops called. so while i’m off living free, they’re dealing with their shitty life decisions.

    score 1 for drew

    score 0 for jackasses

  3. 420core:


    so this is where reptilians come from. russia has sealed everyone’s fate. time and space travel are real.

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  4. 4ever snuggling my dog

  5. magictransistor:

    Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968)

  6. thepiratehat:

    The Numerators (at Death By Audio)

    the boys. wish i were there for this

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  9. beeeeehive:

    pooping is a great way to get quality mobile blogging time


  10. drewmartin:

    My biggest weakness may just be Texas girls.

    Like, oh, I’m attracted to you AND you’re from Texas? Why don’t we just start dating now.


  11. My biggest weakness may just be Texas girls.

  12. ointmentgirl:

    this rules

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  14. It’s not even noon and I already wanna go home.


  15. bravedad:

    i wonder how many people im in the “id be down if you asked” zone with

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