1. baseballcardvandals:

    I’m pretty much a cannabis connoisseur.

  2. baseballcardvandals:

    How else could I have arranged this foursome in the sewer?

    Own this BCV original.

  4. magictransistor:

    Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho, 1960 & The Birds, 1963. Universal Pictures. (Paramount).


  5. wawapapi69:

    Kinda want to play with your hair kinda want to go down on you for 45 minutes

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  6. theofmoviestills:


    Persona | Ingmar Bergman | 1966

    La Pointe Courte | Agnès Varda | 1955

    Last Year at Marienbad | Alain Resnais | 1961

    Southern Hospitality | Ludacris | 2000

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  7. pixography:

    Salvador Dali ~ “Hallucigenic Bullfighter”, 1970

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  10. marvel1980s:

    1981 - Amazing Spider-Man - The Lizard’s Reptilian Revenge
    By Steve Fastner and Rich Larson

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  14. heckacute:

    I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but those precious vinyl albums of yours are not vegan. Don’t you know that “vinyl” stands for “Veal Inside. None maY Live”? Vinyl manufacturing is the number one killer of small animals. 


  15. meadowkitten:

    *points to ur lap* is this seat taken

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