1. sheastunner:

    "…inside of dark denim"

    Antwon - In Dark Denim (feat.Kerry McCoy) (Converse Rubber Tracks)

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    Olimpia Zagnoli

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  3. 2headedsnake:

    Olimpia Zagnoli

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    Flash Gordon Teaser Poster - art by Philip Castle (1980)

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  7. heckacute:

    I love how temperate your climates are. 


  8. heckacute:

    If somebody offers you drugs and you don’t want them, just say, “No thanks, I’m not a sixth grader wearing an extra large Fox Racing sweatshirt with a Misfits patch that my mom sewed on for me.” 

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    Henri Lievens

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    "It was obvious that adults just didn’t get it."


  14. i have too much film right now. i really need to shoot some polaroids. but i also really love being in bed. problems…

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